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The Zook and the Yuke

A story of collaboration between science and art, The Zook and the Yuke was written by Jason Divis, and illustrated by Stephanie Divis. Jason transformed the story into an interactive book in the form of a mobile app. The Zook and the Yuke is available on Google Play.

Listening Between the Words

To compliment his technical savvy, Jason also has a knack for working with people as well. Working on projects large and small, he has learned that often times customers need help figuring out what to ask for. By listening and responding, it's ensured that not only the right things get done, but that the right things get done right.

Advanced Coding Techniques

While comfortable with front-end coding, Jason has spent most of his career learning the business of various businesses. This allowed him to write solid business logic, as well as prime his skills for taking that business knowledge and telling the business' story.

Ready to Engage?

I have a passion for helping others turn their ideas into creations. If you have ideas, or are looking for some guidance...